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We (vaytotlite.com) aim to provide free information to people who need loans in Vietnam. There is no fee for using this website.

We provide information to people over 20 years old living in Vietnam.

Services that Vay Tốt Lite provides

We do not directly provide financial services.

The purpose is to provide information about financial services for free.

We provide information through affiliate programs (masofer and access trade) according to regulations.

According to the Regulations & Terms (Last Updated on 2022-01-28 15:02:51) We provide information to customers who need loans in Vietnam based on information provided by financial companies. provided to affiliates.

We are not responsible if the information is incorrect.

We do not accept any responsibility for any legal disputes arising when you enter into a contract with financial services through this website.

It is the responsibility of the users of this website to confirm the information before signing the contract.

Vaytotlite.com does not directly provide lending services, but we for the purpose of linking borrowers and lending service providers. With the hope that through the information we have aggregated about the loan products and services of banks and financial institutions, it is easy for people to choose the appropriate form of loan. and fastest.

Recommendation: Before signing the contract, please confirm the information, read and understand the terms and conditions on the contract, especially about interest rates and fees. In addition to the above information, people need to find out more about information about loan service providers such as; company name, tax code, address, contact information…

We assume no liability in the event of a legal dispute over the contract that the borrower and the borrower provide, please read and understand the contract before signing and be responsible for your actions. his vi.

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