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Attention / Disclaimer 1 does not provide loans. Joyful Wallet does not do this for any profit, but for the purpose of synthesizing information about financial services on the NET in an easy to understand way. Because it is just a collection of information on the NET, organizations and individuals accessing this site need to self-assess and evaluate the reliability of the information and take responsibility for their own actions and decisions. We make no commitment and are not responsible for any problems caused by incorrect information. To have a suitable choice, organizations and individuals need to confirm the information themselves before registering for the service.

Recommendation: Before signing the contract, please confirm the information, read and understand the terms and conditions on the contract, especially about interest rates and fees. In addition to the information on organizations and individuals, it is necessary to learn more information about loan service providers such as; company name, tax code, address, contact information… is not responsible for any legal dispute when there is a legal dispute about the contract between the borrower and the loan service provider, please read and understand the contract before applying for a loan and signing. contract and take responsibility for their actions.

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This website is for the purpose of “helping organizations and individuals to choose financial services that are right for them”.

For suspicious services by the standards of this website, warnings will be displayed as shown in the image below. All organizations and individuals accessing this website should pay attention to this.

Currently, the number of illegal financial services and black credits is increasing.

Not only should you refer to this website, organizations and individuals should refer to other websites for information, and organizations and individuals should check details about the existence of business licenses, landline phone numbers. , tax code etc… and other information of the company.

Currently, in addition to mainstream money-lending applications, operating openly and transparently, the market also appears many money-lending apps in the form of black credit, with “exorbitant” interest rates that make people pressing.


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Some organizations and individuals, disguised as financial institutions, lend money for bad purposes in order to compete unfairly with rivals, fraudulently appropriate assets, etc. According to the 2015 civil law, the agreement reached by 2 voluntary parties, the lender does not return the security amount in case the two parties have previously agreed. However, recently, there are a number of online loan apps that give false information from the beginning, take advantage of users’ trust and request a transfer of money to secure the loan, and the borrower has lost the security amount because of the incorrect declaration of information. Therefore, organizations and individuals need to enter the correct information that the lender requires. Organizations and individuals need to find out for themselves really clearly about the loan service provider and seek reviews from those who have borrowed to make the right assessment and make the right choice. Vay Tốt Lite.

How to recognize the “black credit” app?

Demand for loans to buy a house or solve financial needs is increasing. However, how to find a safe loan channel is not something that everyone knows.

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Many loan applications are not legally established because “lending is a conditional business”.

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